Paragraf Tax Advisory and Accountancy Office was founded more than 15 years ago by Slovak and Hungarian accounting professionals with the mission to create a unique tax advisory office near the border, where Slovak and Hungarian accountants and tax experts are at the disposal of their clients in one place, connecting the tax systems of both countries.

Our professional team of 25 people works every day to ensure that our clients are satisfied and their businesses’ finances are secure. And we work to create an environment for our staff where they can work together in a happy, balanced community.

Diana Balaskó

Partner, chartered accountant, certified tax expert

For almost 20 years, I have been involved in accounting and management of companies incorporated in Slovakia and our own accounting and tax advisory firm. I have an excellent practical knowledge of the Slovak and international tax systems and related legislation. I specialize in international VAT and Slovak corporate income tax transactions.

László Szalay

Partner, economist, Hungarian certified tax advisor

I have almost 20 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping for Hungarian companies. I am a certified expert in Hungarian and international tax legislation. My strengths are international VAT and corporate income tax transactions.

Ádám Maszlavér

Ádám Maszlavér

Chartered Accountant, Chief Accountant – Hungarian Department

My professional career started 11 years ago in a family business. After I felt that I would like to move on to new challenges in order to develop my career, I came across the offer of Paragraf Accounting Office and I couldn’t say no. My specialization is Hungarian VAT, corporate and personal income tax transactions, but my passion for knowledge allows me to enrich my professional skills every day.

Ing. Alexander Domonkos

Ing. Alexander Domonkos

Partner, Chartered Accountant, Tax Expert, Slovak Certified Tax Advisor, Chief Accountant – Slovak Department

As a recent graduate, I applied for a traineeship in the firm 10 years ago on a spur of the moment decision, not even thinking about the opportunities that would open up for me. Today, I support and guide the daily professional development of colleagues in the Slovak Department of the office. My specialization is tax optimization transactions, international VAT, corporate and personal income tax cases.

Mgr. Boris Gubányi

Mgr. Boris Gubányi

Chartered Accountant, Tax Specialist, Deputy Chief Accountant – Slovak Department

I started my career as an accountant 9 years ago at Paragraf, where I had many opportunities to learn and to develop my professional skills over the years. This helped me to feel comfortable in the fields of the VAT and the international taxation in addition to the general accounting profession. I consider solving complex problems to be the most exciting professional challenge.


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