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The first step:

Prepare a well-written CV and letter of introduction. What we would like to see in your CV and letter of introduction:

We would welcome a short, well-edited, clear CV, with attention to spelling and factual information. A phone number and email address are essential, but if you registered an email meant to be funny when you were a teenager, we suggest you change it to one that includes your full name in some form. You can include your LinkedIn profile or any other relevant source of information related to your job.

We appreciate your honesty and welcome you to share credible information about your language skills, your involvement in projects, publications, courses taken or volunteer work.

What we welcome

It is not required, but we would appreciate a photo CV, if possible with a picture not older than one year, not a selfie, alone with a look that shows you are well put together and reflects your personality.

What could be an advantage for you

We would like to get to know you as much as possible, so we would love to hear personal examples, stories, experiences from your life that define you.


Step two:

Send your CV and letter of introduction to the email address provided

If we find your application, your professional studies interesting and your personality appeals to us, we will contact you by e-mail to arrange a video interview to get to know each other better.


Step three:

Prepare for the interview

  • We would like you to be informed about our company. You can find out who we are, what we do and what our values are on a number of forums. Check out our website, Facebook and Instagram pages where you can follow our daily life and events.
  • We value your time, please value ours too, so arrive on time.
  • A video interview is a virtual face-to-face meeting where first impressions are equally important, so dress comfortably and smartly.
  • Be relaxed and assertive, this meeting is about getting to know each other and making a choice, where we are seen as equals.
  • We love interested candidates, so feel free to ask questions.

Step four:

Decision and feedback

Once we have evaluated our experiences and impressions following the interviews, we will send feedback to all candidates by email. If we have selected you for the advertised position, we will arrange a personal meeting to discuss the details.

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