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MGI Worldwide is a network of independent accounting and consulting providers. MGI Worldwide has supported the growth of several thousand companies

  • in 81 countries
  • and 260 offices
  • utilising the expertise of 5000 professionals
  • and 70 years of experience.


As a client of an MGI Worldwide member firm, you can benefit from a wide range of international services, including:

  • Immediate access to current financial information on almost every country
  • The ability to explore business opportunities and establish strategic alliances through MGI Worldwide’s global association
  • Expertise in international business structures
  • Comprehensive details on current business practices, taxation and accounting procedures worldwide

MGI Worldwide values

“Think on a global scale and adapt this to local needs!”

This way of thinking has been key to our success so far. Members tailor their specialties to their own local market, with the confidence that when they want to interact globally, they have immediate access to the very latest information on worldwide business practices, developments and opportunities.

Hence, at MGI Worldwide we stress the following objectives:

  • Client Focus – We continuously search for solutions to maximise the satisfaction of our Clients.
  • Quality – We always aim for the best quality in providing anything to anyone.
  • Expertise – Our firm is based on the expertise of our colleagues. Their continuous training, experience and delivering, sharing ideas with each other is indispensable to the development of our firm.
  • Global business relationships – Due to our international association, we have partners almost everywhere in the world and we can co-operate with them anytime when developing a cross border solution.

Global Presence
MGI Worldwide Looks After Your International Needs
Regular meetings, conferences, discussion groups and staff exchanges between MGI Worldwidemembers help them increase their international expertise and develop personal links all over the world. Through these links, you can be secure in the knowledge that your valued business relationship with one MGI Worldwide member is readily available with other MGI Worldwide members — through personal introduction to the right people in the right places.

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